About Me

I’m a biologist turned social scientist, an academic turned researcher/writer, and now a tech worker–who (sometimes obsessively) thinks about data and healthcare. I am currently based in Silicon Valley, but I was born in Minnesota, grew up in Boston, and spent six years in England in Oxford and Exeter.

As an academic, I went to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship in 2008, and ended up staying to finish a DPhil in Social Anthropology in 2013.  Before that, I graduated from UChicago with a BA in the Biological Sciences, where I worked for four years in an immunology laboratory that studied bubonic plague (no joke!), and minored in Spanish.  Most recently, I was at UCLA on an NSF Postdoc at the Institute for Society and Genetics, where I wrote a book called “Metabolizing Data,” which I’m still trying to figure out what todo with.  This was part of a two-year project called “What is metabolism after big data?”, which explored how the rise of data, bioinformatics, and statistics is impacting how researchers think about metabolism, and how they develop metabolic diagnostics and therapies.  Previously, I did work at the University of Exeter on the Open Science movement (on the concepts and practical implications of the “openness” of papers, data, software, etc. in biology).  I also did work on how the digital era is affecting intellectual property rights in the arts and humanities.  I maintain a website that has all of my academic info on it.

What you might not know about me from reading this blog is that I have too many hobbies.  On a day to day basis, I row, play frisbee, go on bike rides, and garden.  I try to see as many of the world’s most beautiful places as I can on foot.  I’ve hiked the 790km Camino de Santiago in Spain, done chunks of the South West Coast Path in England, and trekked through Bolivia and Kenya.   I’ve worked my way through a good portion of the modern fantasy genre, ranging from NK Jeminsin to VE Schwab.  One day I want to write a fantasy book. I’m obsessed with cheese.  Just ask me how many different types of cheese I’ve tried, I dare you.  I’ve also been working on a (very non-professional!) food blog for the past ten years.